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Game Engine: Intersect
Story: In the spiritual plane a colony of Man established a tribe to become closer to the spirits of the Realms. They worship them, they serve them and in return gain power to harness the Spirits of creatures, allowing them to combine strengths. The Civilization of Man that was left behind formed Kingdoms and they wanted this power for themselves so one by one the Kingdoms Armies attacked the Tribe in the Spiritual plane and enslaved them in order to use their powers for war. 
The Story takes place ten years after the Raid on the Spiritual Plane and the Players will be playing as these tribe members in order to gain freedom, or possibly even joining the Kingdoms.

No Content at the moment.

Plan: Establish a base for the class system along with low level content.


Why you should play? The game will be a PvE focused game with a large Class system. This class system will give you the basic MMORPG Class at the start but once reaching a specific part in the Story you will be given a random Spirit Animal that will act as a "Sub Class". These Sub Classes could change your primary abilities, add new ones or increase the effectiveness of your abilities with passive buffs. The focused features for the beginning of this game will be the large class system and the PvE content.

The only thing that I have done is create a base for what I want to do.

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