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Hello everybody!
 When working on a project, I came across some features that I would like to change.
 1. In the server settings, the maximum value for the stats is 255. These restrictions affect all stats, however I want to set my own maximum limit for each of them.  Suppose the maximum for Health is 500, but to Protect this a lot, and 50 just right, for Speed you can put 1000.

 2. For 1 point, you can increase the statistics by 1 unit of value.  This is not entirely convenient.  Suppose a player receives 50 points and wants to increase the Health value by 50 points.  It is extremely tiring to click the mouse 50 times and does not add interest to the game.  It will be much more convenient to indicate your own value for each statistic.  Suppose for 1 point Defense increases by 1, and Health for the same point by 10, etc.

 3. I would like the "Show Image" command to have the same settings as the "Play Animation" command.

 Is it possible that all of the above developers will add in future improvements?  Or can anyone write a special patch?

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