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Forgot password reply to email

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If someone sends you an email to your account that you use for forgot password in B6, then you might not see it. This tutorial will teach you how to send a reply, and also how to forward the email to your normal account.


Auto send a reply

1) Go onto gmail.

2) Click "settings" on a PC.

3) Scroll down until you get to the "Out of Office Auto Reply" section.

4) Turn it on.

5) Change the message to something like "Your feedback will be processed shortly"!


Auto forward to main account

1) Go onto gmail.

2) Click "settings" on a PC.

3) Press "Filters and blocked addresses".

4) Click "create a new filter".

5) Change the filter to check if the email is in the inbox (this will check if you received an email).

6) Select "create filter".

7) Change it to forward it to your email address!

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Look into gmail alias' its a lot simpler. You don't have to set up an additional email address and bother with forwarding all your emails to another email address. 

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