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Troubleshooting a reputation system



Hi everyone!


I have created a reputation system in my game that uses player variables to determine whether town guards will act hostile towards the player. That works great.


I am trying to implement an event where players can pay gold to lower a different player's reputation, basically putting a bounty on their head.


However, setting a bounty does not seem to work. I am wondering if any of you have ideas on how to create a system like this? Or if you can spot why mine is not working?


Switches 'IsPlayerX' are player switches that help identify the players.

the Switches titled 'SettingBountP[x]' are used in the conditions to make sure a page only runs if a bount yis being placed on a specific player.


The first image is page 1 of my event, and allows the player to decide a target player. 

Image 2 is the second page, which should lower the player's player variables.

Image 3 is the conditions for image 2.








Thank you for any helpful advice you can send my way.

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Can we have some context? Why are you using P1, P2 and P3 when MMORPG's can have infinite players? Are you doing this based on party members?

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As far as I am aware, Intersect does not have a way of keeping track of each player. I use these switches to keep track of each player, so that I can then use their player variables in chat messages that all the other players can see. On example would be: If switch IsPlayer1, show text "\pn's current reputations are: X, Y , Z." That way I can have a common event that shows all player names and their current reputations. 


Does that make sense?


My game does have a limited number of players, maxing out at 20. The Intersect MMORPG engine just works really well for the type of game I am creating.

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I'd note that you should always add chatbox text to show what things work and what things don't. Put the add chatbox text events in various parts of your event and parts that do not show chatbox text... Well, you've messed up.

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