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Where is the configuration of the Client ?



Hello :D

I wanted to ask a question, sorry in advance for my bad english.

When I make the configuration in game (resolution, full screen or not, volume of music, volume of sfx) and I share the game with my friends, they don't have the same configuration, they have the default configuration when you start-up Intersect for the first time (800x600, 25% Volumes, ...).


So I believe that the configuration file is in the computer, in a temp folder maybe ? Someone who know can say me please ?


Thanks in advance.

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Ah when i made an exportation of my keys i made a .reg file who modify the configuration by mine.

Okay, just need to found how to make this .reg launch when the player will install the game, i think it's possible if i made an installation.exe who launch the .reg after installed the game.

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