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I'm back!


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Hello Everyone! I’m back-ish!

I go by the name TDog or Dog, and it’s been a really really long time. Over 8 years to be fair. Over 9 years ago I was around 12-13 when I joined the Eclipse community. It was known as TouchOfDeath forums back then and Marsh was the owner. I wanted to create a game known as Erra Of War (aware of the spelling mistake, I was young). I also worked with Kraken on a gnome style GTA game, and helped with a lot of programming questions and other projects.


The community helped me get into game development, but more importantly and specifically, programming. I left the community 8 years ago due to some toxicity and political matters that happened back then, along with being a typical High School student with girls and such. Eclipse helped me learn programming using VB6.


I went on to High School and took a VB.NET and C++ course. After High School, I moved on and I got my Bachelors in Computer Science. The last couple years of my Bachelors I got a job as a full time Software Developer making business applications for manufacturing clients using VB.NET, C#, and SQL. I just recently moved to a much larger city with much larger pay and now working with C#, SQL, and web development languages like ASP.NET and Ruby on Rails. Even though I do programming at work, I still enjoy going home and working on side projects, and learning more and more programming. I now have around 4 years of professional Software Developer experience and still growing every day. So between my professional and personal experience, I have roughly 10-11 years.


A couple days ago I thought about this community and decided to check on things and see what has happened over the years. Even though I see the community has been broken into at least 2 websites (which is sad to see), I was thinking of maybe being some help. Even though I do have my own side projects I am working on (they are not games), I feel like I need to give back at least a little to the community that started it all for me. Maybe help with some programming questions, and maybe assist with building an engine.

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