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Need Help Forged Wars - The War of the Aspects


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My name is Midnight, and I am looking for additional help for my in-development game. I reach out to you today as we have just opened up a live development server for our team to actively develop on, and we are hoping this will speed up the process and also allow for easier collaboration. So I hope this piques your interest (as I know some games don't even have this option available).


We are using the Intersect Game Engine.


Forged Wars is a game about a huge war caused by a major shift in the balance of power, this power being known as the "Spirit Stones", stones that appeared after the eruption of Mt. Genesis - a highly spiritual volcano. However, the war becomes less of an issue when the uprise of a conspiracy organization known as Caithe appears and causes disruption amongst the Jitaku region. Caithe is believed to be after a secret power left by the Aspects, but this power begins to turn into what most people saw it as - a myth, until Caithe discovers a new truth about the High Elves and goes on a hunt for this power. The player must stop Caithe by completing a very in-depth story quest line.


The game's story is planned to be released in two parts to allow for easier testing. Level 1-50, and then 50-100.


We don't have many pictures, and are just now starting development, but here's our logo, and you can find our website at https://forgedwars.com/community and we hope to see you there. Our discord is on the forum, so if you're interested join in and ask us questions. But before you do that, read below for some specific positions we're trying to fill.



Positions (all unpaid, volunteer work)

Mappers - You'll be working under our lead mapper and working to finish our very extensive world map.

Artists - We need a wide range of skill in pixel art. From tiling, to animations, concept art for promotional projects, to sprites and paperdolls. WE NEED IT ALL!

Content Developer - We have huge plans for this game, and despite our plan for an endgame - we do want this game to feel basically endless, that's where you'll come in! You'll constantly think of cool new content to add.


Current Staff

Get to know our awesome current team!


Midnight - Administrator & Creative Game Lead

Maestro - Community Game Lead

Milkshake - Content Game Lead


Meth - Lead Mapper

Lekoda - Artist

Skye - Balance Developer


Mika - Support & Public Relations Lead

Bmore - Head of Moderation

Shirou - QA Specialist


Let me know if you have any questions and Best Regards,


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