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2nd Weapon slot?



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On 5/15/2018 at 6:15 AM, Miharukun said:

Is it possible to have 2 weapon slot? So like I have Weapon and offhand equipment slot.
Both have weapon properties (Base damage, scalling, etc)
Is this possible?


After testing this even though it lets you define multiple slots as weapon slots in the config it will still only allow you to have one weapon equipped at a given time and it uses the weapon slot that you defined first as the slot for weapons.

So no it seems you can not do a dynamic duel wielding system.   I highly recommend cation when doing a system like this, as in the past they have been known to be highly abused.  As most players will just seek two very good weapons an dual wield them, over all other weapons because generally its hard to balance dynamic duel wielding so that they are equally appealing to single hand equips.  Why take a smiting sword of doom, and a shield of the heavens when you could just take two smiting swords of doom.  

You can make it so that a player could take two items and take them to a crafting station and "balance them for duel wielding" which is a fancy way of saying they took two weapons and crafted them into one to meet the engines limitations.

If you wanted to put work into it, you could make this system pretty dynamic. You should check out lineage 2 for a prime example of a "craftable duel wield weapon system". It allows the devs to tweak the two items when they become one. 

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