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Removing MP and XP



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You can modify the GUI as you wish ! Just modify InGame.xml and MainMenu.xml files in "Client and Editor\resources\gui".


In your case, you need to modify InGame.xml, and search for the following nodes : <MPBackground>, <MPBar>, <MPTitle>, <MPLabel>, <EXPBackground>, <EXPBar>, <EXPTitle> and <EXPLabel>. In each node, change the <Bounds> (values are : xPosition, yPosition, Width, Height). Just turn the last number (by default 25) to 0. I'm unsure about the use of <Disabled> and <Hidden> properties, seems like it does work on labels, but not on bars (background image?).


You will no longer have the two last bar, but the player box will still be too tall. You'll need to change his height to match your new UI. I guess you'll also need to modify a couple of other things to match the changes (like buffs and so on).

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