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I need help with warping


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Can someone please help me with warping from one place to another. I have created warp for my doors in 2 different ways, one way using attributes and the other way using events and in the events I made it to work on player click but neither way does anything at all, the only thing I can think of that I could be doing wrong is that my map I am trying to warp to is not linked to the rest of the maps, it is unlinked so it can not be just walked to and discovered since that would just ruin everything if that happened since the area is the inside of a building so I dont know if that would be the issue, below is a screenshot of my event editor for this


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ok i got it fixed, here is what my problem was, I was trying to left click the door and it was not working even after setting it up like yours but then i accidentally walked into it and i was warped, thats just a bit confusing, player touch seems like it means actually left clicking it (touching with mouse) but it actually means players body touching it. I'm learning atleast now my game creation can continue, thanks for your help

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@PinkAngel as I said before :

  1. Player touch = Player is directly in contact with event, via walking or warping into it.
  2. Action = Player has to use button to make event work
  3. Autorun = always repeats, possibly each frame? No idea.

The naming convention, could perhaps be a little more precise on player touch and be on colission or perpahs on direct contact, but it is what it is and well poor tiles are always touched by the players the BAD way :<

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