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  1. CJ Elliott

    Pixel art tool for mac?

    Personally always used Pyxel edit - https://pyxeledit.com It's pretty cheap and comes with everything I would want in pixel art software, heard aesprite is good aswell but never used it.
  2. CJ Elliott

    Is their a working open source c# version of mirage?

    oh wow, did not know this, great news Thanks for letting me know
  3. Hey everyone Okay so I am currently looking for a open source c# version of mirage, I believe intersect is c# however thats not open source >.> so does any one know of any other engines? I remember seeing one back on eclipse 2-3 years ago but can't find it and don't believe a download was available anyways. I am currently trying to convert orion+ but its not easy considering I am fairly useless as vb and sharpDevelop conversion only gets it down to 56 errors, and I know how to fix these but I think once I get that done its going to lead to more errors xD Thanks for reading~