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  1. I’m not interested in that. im wondering where in the source I would find these settings. i want to render my characters at 128 not scale them down, because I can just increase screen resolution (1080p) tinder everything. adding additional directionality and animations also does not seem to be possible. Are there any source classes that handle this?
  2. Is it possible for me to increase tileset resolution? As in, can I modify the editor source to import bigger images for character creation? My sprites are 128x128 for each frame. Is it also possible to add more animation framed to characters, as well as animation states? (For example, falling down, attacking, running, etc.) And lastly, where can I add additional directions? (For example, instead of just Up, down, left, right, I have up, up left, left, left down, down, down right, right, right up)
  3. If you tell me how to get it running so i can test it out, I might be able to pull some of the API code from here and integrate it into a better package. However, I don't want to debug general config files at the moment that are missing from the guide. I simply do not know whjat the proper file permissions are.
  4. [Wed Nov 25 18:53:13.528137 2020] [php7:error] [pid 65685] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught RuntimeException: Route collector cache file directory `/var/www/html/cache` is not writable in /var/www/html/vendor/slim/slim/Slim/Routing/RouteCollector.php:172 \nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/html/public/index.php(54): Slim\\Routing\\RouteCollector->setCacheFile('/var/www/html/c...')\n#1 {main}\n thrown in /var/www/html/vendor/slim/slim/Slim/Routing/RouteCollector.php on line 172
  5. Do you have an example of a game that has implemented an auction house? I am curious as to how others have implemented this feature.
  6. Did you make some updates? I am still getting an error. Nothing has been changed.
  7. Please DM me. Just a rough guide is good, i'm pretty familiar with linucks.
  8. I am getting error I have permission 777 on /cache/ What is the proper file permissions for the directory structure? My domain is just blank and not rendering anything: http://www.argilus.tk/
  9. Argilus

    How to create pvp

    Yes there is, Just go to the intersect editor, and in the map properties tab on the bottom right-hand side, there is a "Zone Type" setting. The default state is "normal", but if you click the dropdown you have the additional option, including "Arena". Select "Arena" to enable PVP.
  10. Hmm... And a trading system? Is there source documentation that allows me to see where these attributes are accounted for in the code?
  11. Let's say for example, I want a user to mine a rock to obtain gold ore, and then use this gold ore on a forge to cast a gold ingot, and use this gold ingot on a stamp to forge Gold coins, which will be used as currency. Is there a way to make the ore limited? For example, I want an economy that cannot hyper-inflate. So once an ore is depleted, it stays depleted. Perhaps also something like a tree, to where the tree itself is cut down, and does not magically re-grow in a few seconds, rather an acorn it drops must be planted and a certain amount of time must pass for the tree to grow to be cut down again? Furthermore, is it possible for shops to have limited trading capability? For example, I have a lot of wood from the trees I cut down, and I go sell it to the shop. The shop is interested in buying my wood, but does not have an unlimited amount of funds to just buy up an entire forest. Perhaps it only has 100 gold, and each wood piece being worth 1 gold, is only interested in buying 10 wood at that price, an additional 10 at half the price, and a maximum of 30 at 1/3rd the price. Can this be done through events or does it require changing the source of the engine? I'd ideally like to tie shop prices to some sort of auction, sort of like a player run "stock" market of sorts where prices are adjusted according to supply and demand. Doable?
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