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  1. Hi guys. I am trying to implement a skip system in the source code, I already have all the formula and physics designed, however, for it to work I need to know which variable makes the player move, because so far I have not been able to find it. Here is the code: public float velY; public float gravity; public int JumpHeight; public float JumpSpeed ; public float deltatime = Globals.System.GetTimeMs (); public float timeTopeak; void startJump () { gravity = (float) (2 * JumpHeight / Math.Pow (timeTopeak, 2); JumpSpeed = gravity * timeTopeak; } public override bool Update () { velY + = gravity * deltatime * "var Move Down"; if (isGround ()) { velY = "var Move Down"; } if (Controls.KeyDown(control.MoveUp) && IsGround () == true) { yVel = JumpSpeed * "var Move Up"; } This is it. Thanks for your attention.
  2. wow it's really good to know that! I will look for that in the source. Thank you for pointing the direction @jcsnider. c:
  3. I understand, but that's not the point. Okay, here's a brief explanation of what I'm trying to do: I'm trying to get the damage message to start with a larger size and decrease over time of time getting smaller, disappearing until finally disappearing completely from the scene. So I asked about opacity as well. Anyway thanks for your reply.
  4. As I am progressing little by little in relation to C #, and especially in relation to the intersect, I am grateful for the help of everyone who made themselves available, when I needed it. Anyway, I come here again to ask for a direction for another one of my several doubts. This time I would like to know how ru I handle the font in the game, such as zooming (if possible), opacity, etc. I appreciate the help if someone can tell me how to do it, or point out a direction for it. Sorry if i'm not in the corret area for this question. thank you.
  5. Yes, i see! I got it! You can turn it into solved. THANKS!
  6. How i do to get an texture in the here: Mouse.SetCursor(MouseCursor.FromTexture2D(tex, mouseState.X, mouseState.Y) ?
  7. Hey @WereAlpaca that's exactly what I want to do, to blend the two combat styles. Right now I'm looking to understand more about the engine to be able to reproduce this, however looking at the C # side for the Unity engine seems easier, now looking at the intersect side I can't reproduce this so far.
  8. Yes, thanks for the suggestion @Joyce. ^ ^ First of all, I would like to understand how verification for hotkeys works, so that when pressing a hotkey it does not trigger the skill immediately unless it is a self target skill. Then when pressing the hotkey, I would call the coordinates X and Y from the mouse on the map, and so when I click on the entity, then I would take the target from it and launch the skill in fact. Sorry if it looks a little confusing to you, but that's how the gif shows. This system was something I have already done, however, never in C #, but in Visual Basic, in one of the derived DX8 versions of E.O 2.0
  9. Thanks for the answer. Yes, I really need help with this, as I still don't understand much about how the logic for the engine's spell system works. So if anyone is willing to help, thank you.
  10. Hello guys! I'm developing my project based on a combat style ARPG, and I've been trying to make a very complete action system, some things I managed to modify, but others not. I don't really like the current combat system of the engine, for my purpose, but I believe that some here in the community also think so. So I would like to ask someone for help in order to progress in this direction. I've been studying the engine for the past few weeks but some things still seem a little confusing to me. At first I'm trying to create a type of skill in an area, interacting with the mouse, where I use the skill and after clicking with the mouse in an area the skill is projected in that x and y coordinate on the map where I clicked, but I still haven't I understood how I do to pass the mouse coordinates to the server, since all the skills mechanics happen there. For those who have played ragnarok online or other games that have an action combat style, you should understand what I'm talking about. Then it could be distributed to the community as an add-on. I believe it would serve many people hehe. Well, that's it guys whoever is willing to help me with this, just talk or send pm. And I'm sorry for my horrible English. I'm brazilian.. Thank you all for the attention. Exemple bellow:
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