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  1. thank's much help, also you seem to have all the answers ty for helping everyone so much.
  2. so i haven't gone into the source i hoped not to, but i want to know how "defense" and "attack" work. it appears the "scaling" is actually just adding a " % " of the stat i would like it to add a " *% " aka " x%" example : Base damage = 10 attack skill = 5 Scaling stat "attack" 20% Damage = 10*(1+(5*0.20)); or "=20" < multiply's by 2 aka scaling up by 2 what it SEEMS to do: Damage = 10+(5*0.20); or "=12" < add's "2" I as of yet havent found anything that defense does.
  3. So theres no obvious option to make skill tree's. iv thought about adding an event option to open a shop but that needs and object in the player inventory as currency (Not ideal) and a spell or some such to open... anyone have any better ideas before i go Ducktape A system and sink hours into a potential failure? is there some ui tool i missed?
  4. ok had hoped it was a setting or something. strange the sprites included dont work with the equipment included. I'll try the 6.1 version instead and see if thats better before editing each sprite. fyi its the 6.2.zip i was using with all included unedited sprites (i have no editing software installed... yet)
  5. All my paper dolls created with the included tool are 3 maybe 4 pixels low on the character (fresh extracted a new client to double check as i had just installed) iv only started recently and never had the dolls working the first one i tried has ended up 3 pixels low (and all experiments after) i peaked threw some files to find a setting to move the Y of the paper dolls on the player but nothing i checked mentioned them.
  6. So i want to change the tile resolution to have the same size tile with more pixels. iv tryed changing the map hight/width in the map config (randomly decides it does or does not want to start at anything lower then 26x32 and anything higher crash's also changed the tile size but you just end up zoomed in with a larger grid
  7. All my paper dolls generated using the "character generator" supplied are lower then the character... id assume my character's sprite (the default) is to high? how would i go about changing this? I downloaded the editor to experiment for an hour today and am off to bed now, I thought id ask and check back tomorrow. default everything. "Intersect Engine Beta 6.2 Build 421 Full" i also tryed adding one of everything (shirt ,hat etc) and drops it all down a few pixels on the character.
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