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  1. NorthGateNoob

    Party exp issue.

    Thanks for the replies, as is the answer to most questions: Can't without source. Lol. Appreciate it though.
  2. NorthGateNoob

    How do I add new equips slots? 5.1

    If you go to server/resources/config.json you can edit the equipment types there. Here is an example of several types I have added. }, "Equipment": { "WeaponSlot": 2, "ShieldSlot": 3, "Slots": [ "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "LHand", "RHand", "Boots", "Gloves", "Neck", "Back" ],
  3. NorthGateNoob

    Crafting tables crash the game.

    This is the error log. Says it is attempting to divide by zero. Not sure why it is attempting any formula as I haven't set up any type of formula with crafting. http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/a3670dcb6edef03f8e5abba491aca387.log
  4. NorthGateNoob

    Party exp issue.

    Is there a way to prevent players gaining experience outside of the same map? This completely breaks the game. Maybe its an option somewhere or easily solved but I am fairly new at this, any help is appreciated thank you.
  5. NorthGateNoob

    Client editor error

    Not sure why or how but all the text in my editor.strings got deleted. Solved.
  6. NorthGateNoob

    Client editor error

    Everything was fine last time I launched the editor. Error log: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/22ec975a8fd816a278bd9955063e0117.log
  7. NorthGateNoob

    Sound not playing with animation.

    Seems like it sorted itself out. Thank you for the information!
  8. NorthGateNoob

    Sound not playing with animation.

    It is in .wav format in my /resources/sound folder and added to the animation under animation editor. Not sure what I am missing here.