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  1. asccurious

    Spell, and inventory menu text color.

    You trolling me? I don't see an English language file anywhere =/
  2. I changed the png backgrounds for the spells, and inventory. I can't seem to change the Spells Text where it says Spells at the top of the spellbook. I tried changing the text color, disabled text color, and Rendercolor under "Title" I know it's spells because I changed the font and it made "Spells" bigger. Also, it says "Title" But it says "Spells" in the spell book window, How can I change this to something else (like "Skills") ?
  3. Wanted to change color, location, and graphics of the healthbar/mana gui, but I could not figure out which one it is in the Gui, and layouts game folders =/ Edit: I think I found it. "Playerbox" Going to be hard to make it go and look how i want. Is there any way to make the life bar animated? Can I turn the png into a gif? XD ( Yeah, I know it's not that easy)
  4. asccurious

    Is the combat really this laggy?

    I shoot a projectile and it goes through the enemy, then a second later it dies...... is this engine really this laggy, or is this emulating high ping or something?
  5. asccurious

    Is there not a simpler way to code?

    And when is this expected? Do they plan to add animations ( as in character attack animations)
  6. I can't even seem to create a simple script where it sets a random variable on the player, add a condition branch, and have it add random number of items, what If I wanted to randomize 1-100 and add that many items? I have to click and add a script for each if condition, if 1 add 1, if 2 add 2, etc etc. And what makes matters worse is you can't even copy paste these and then change the number? How are you supposed to make anything dynamic, ie randomized drops or amount, etc etc? If you can't even say item add [item] amount [variable]
  7. asccurious

    Character customization

    I always hated sprites, because now what if you want different armor, but same haircut? it gets exponential when you can't have the head graphic be separate. Or if you want a separate helmet graphic, then you need even more sprites. I'm almost wondering if you can add graphic effect to item, and just have a floating helmet graphic on the character depending on which way he is facing.
  8. asccurious

    How to test server?

    I get I need to get the port, and turn off fire walls and all of that, and I like the fact that you can pay 5$ a month to have an official server, but how do I just load up the server, and have my friend test it, and log on? What does he need? Does he just need the client.exe of the game, or does he/she need something else? Edit: What is the best way of sharing these/this file(s) that I need?
  9. asccurious

    Nope, projectile still not .... projeciling.

    I figured it out guys, The higher the speed the slower it is, the lower the speed the faster it is. I had it going SUPER fast, that's why I didn't see it. Need to set it to about 1,000+ just to see the projectile.
  10. I can get the projectiles to do everything so far except give me an actual moving projectile thing, it casts the animation, the enemy gets hit, there is no actual moving projectile on the screen. What am I doing wrong? How do you make a MOVING PROJECTILE. it casts the initial animation in front of the player for just a second, I have range set to max, and the animation is in 999 loop, so it should not be disappearing like that.
  11. asccurious

    Noob spell help not working

    I still don't understand the projectile editor... can you make the projectiles go in circles or something with the editor? I don't see a moving graphic where the projectile is, it is only an animation at the caster, and the target.... and i have the projectile movement speed set low, at about 4
  12. asccurious

    Noob spell help not working

    That didn't quite work =/ Also, howcome I can't go to character selection, and pick a new class? And what is with the projectile screen thing where you pick all the different arrows in different directions?
  13. asccurious

    Noob spell help not working

    I put a spell on the class designated at level 0, and nothing shows up when I start the client and open spells ,_, I changed, HP, and mana and that seemed to work, but no spell added to the class :(