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  1. In the future for developers using this engine, eventually if the game gets successful and has a large player base, I feel there needs to be more features added to the current Admin Panel. - Ability to make your sprite and name invisible to watch over players without their knowing. And ability to un-invis with the click of a button. - Ability to spawn in created items. - Ability to no-target yourself from enemy AI. - Ability to change usernames. - Ability to hide your staff status/name color. - Change "Warp Me To" to "Go To" and change "Warp To Me" to "Summon" or "Bring". Being staff in an MMO, I feel like, needs a lot of managing and abilities to take care of not only the game, but the players as well. Thanks for reading.
  2. Maven_

    [Suggestion] Guild System

    This would be absolutely amazing.
  3. Maven_

    Game Master power on intersect

    I +1 this. I would love to have a feature like this.
  4. Maven_

    Making items give HP?

    I'm so ready for b5
  5. Maven_

    Admin/Mod No-Clip

    Alright, thank you. I look forward to the future then.
  6. Maven_

    Admin/Mod No-Clip

    Allow me to rephrase this question. Is it possible for me to edit the Admin control panel and create new abilities, edit user name colors, and even create new ranks with new powers. Thanks!
  7. Maven_

    Admin/Mod No-Clip

    Any way to make Admins/Mods able to walk through block attributes? Kind of like a no-clip feature. (New to all this stuff, thanks for any answers).
  8. Maven_

    Grief Prevention?

    Oh alright, thanks.
  9. Maven_

    Grief Prevention?

    Apologies if this question has an obvious answer, but, what's stopping someone from downloading a fresh Editor, downloading my config file and editing my game? Would someone need more than a fresh editor and a config.xml of the server?
  10. Will the amount of files in my Google drive have an impact on whether or not my launcher will download/update? I'm stuck on the "Please wait, checking for updates!" part of the launcher. (I've quadruple checked all the steps and made sure I've done exactly all steps perfectly) Also, does my server need to be up for this launcher to grab the files from the drive?