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  1. Hello to my Visitors , I'm working on 2 color Pallete Buttons including the HP,MP, EXP Bar and Soon Overhaul the UI that's compatible with intersect giving it a new touch! ofcourse that comes with the modified values of InGame.xml and MainMenu.xml as well as the Colors.xml to match and blend the labels to the New UI !

    Let Me know what do you think of the color blending :) 

    2 color pallete buttons.png

    1. AspiringAdventurer


      Hello Guys , Just got Break  from Work and Enjoying my Coffee , Got Few minutes to post this ! I  Quickly Implemented the Buttons i made , Here's what it looks like in Action !

      Party UI + HP Bars = Completed

      Character/Entity Window = Completed
      Function Buttons = Definitely Tomorrow !

      in-game.xml = 100% Working Including Comments !


    2. AspiringAdventurer


      Quickly Implemented the 2 Color Palette Buttons , the image is kinda sluggish since i toned down the  quality of image using NXPowerLite so kinda low-res lol but the button itself is best quality just as it shows in my first post.

      Button UI (NXPowerLite Copy).jpg

    3. AspiringAdventurer


      Main Menu , Options Menu will be made shortly ! Can't Wait to Redesign and Adjust the Buttons  :D Adveeeeeenture  !

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