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  1. Free Undertale MMO Serverfiles + Client

    What does this stuff exactly include.. im sorry.. i dont understand.. Are these like maps or something?
  2. Few minor questions#2

    Alright Thank you.
  3. Few minor questions#2

    Questio #2: There currently isn't a way to adjust stats on one class and it adjust for every person in game right? If not, is this coming in the future?
  4. Few minor questions#2

    Oh ok sorry.. i misunderstood
  5. Few minor questions#2

    So if i set the time editor to every 10 mins. whats that really mean?
  6. Few minor questions#2

    still looking for answers.
  7. Few minor questions#2

    my day and night toggle doesn't seem to work.. how does the day and night exactly work? Answered.. Thank you.. Question#2 up
  8. Auto Mapper

    I can't adapt it to Intersect I believe because we can't access the source code..(I think) Also noticed It only makes islands.. is it possible to make anything else?
  9. Auto Mapper

    Ok quick question. When I use the auto mapper i get some problems SOMETIMES. This is one of them: I get a WHOLE lot of resources all over the map. Even do i put 0 in the auto mapper and in disable it in the "generate" tab. Also sometimes I use the editor and it won't even let me log in. Hellllpp please.
  10. Intersect Map Questions!

    Few questions hopefully I can get an answer to! I noticed when I went under the "sound tab" in the properties, none of them were there even though the folder had some...bug? I unlinked a map and I can't find a way to link them back together. Is this possible? How does the day/night thing work. Also I couldn't find weather that possible? Thank you for your time.
  11. Spell Editor

    I dont quite understand the spells either. How can i have spells work on characters as they progress?
  12. Few Questions!

    I searched through the forum and couldnt find much on spells.. Wondering if i can get assisted on this please. I'm trying to have spells for certain classes.. how can I have the spells be appropriate for the level? Also when I create the spells they dont seem to appear on the class at all. Help please!
  13. Few Questions!

    Is it possible to have skills that scale with level?
  14. Few Questions!

    Also, do stats not affect the character? I've noticed that no matter how much defense and stuff I add it doesn't make a difference.
  15. Few Questions!

    The monster still appears as level one. I added text to it so people who read it can see these are suppose to be level 12 monsters.. They still appear level one though on the actual bar.