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screen scaling question



If you have read any of my other stories, you would know this is what I'm all about. I have an oral fetish, and once I get started I'm ten times worse, (or better), than a dog in heat. Now my mouth is going from cock to cock. Each guy pulling at my head to get their cock in my mouth. Not wanting to wait his turn. Stroking the others as I suck each of them. I brought two of the guys together, and had two cocks in my mouth at once. A hand went to the back of my head, trying to get themdeep into my mouth. Then the groans from the guy fucking Donna let us all know he was filling her pussy with cum.
I'm not sure if any of my guys were near ready to cum. So I spent more time sucking each cock, stroking the others as fast as I could. One of the guys I'm stroking makes a noise like he's getting close. I start sucking him, and sure enough, I taste cum as his spasms pump his load into my mouth. I used a hand to milk every drop from his balls. Which prompted the guy I let go of to start stroking himself. I'm mostly done with the first guy, when the guy stroking himself starts pulling at my face. He's ready and wants to dump his load in my mouth. I was more than happy to oblige. A few quick pumps in my mouth, he's starts moaning, Iee........Iee........Iee, I've heard Aaa, Aaa, Aaa, many times before, never Iee, Iee, Iee. Anyway, he's thrusting his cock into the back of my head, filling my throat with sperm. I barely even tasted it. But kept sucking till I was sure he was done.
The taxi driver is patiently waiting his turn. I look at him. He didn't say anything, just stepped to my face and forced his pelvis toward me. The others are pulling up their pants watching as I engulf his cock. One hand on his hip, the other cradling his balls, I went to work. Taking him deep. I enjoyed his cock with slow up and down motions. He seemed a little impatient and moved quicker, fucking my mouth obviously wanting to cum now. Faster and faster hitting the back of my throat. I think he was a little surprised when I relaxed my throat and pulled him in harder to let his cock bounce past the turn and take him fully down my throat. He really liked that. Just keeping it down my throat with short thrusts.

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