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Server Disconnections... / issues



So ive launched my game today...
We have been having weird issues with disconnections so i upgraded to the current beta...
Still having the same issue...

2021-06-13 19:40:12.211 [Error]
  Message: Trying to read past the buffer size - likely caused by mismatching Write/Reads, different size or order.
    Stack:    at Lidgren.Network.NetBuffer.ReadString() in C:\Users\primero\git\agd\lidgren-network-gen3\Lidgren.Network\NetBuffer.Read.cs:line 599
   at Intersect.Server.Networking.Lidgren.ServerNetwork.HandleOnUnconnectedMessage(NetPeer peer, NetIncomingMessage message) in C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\676c60f42f2551e6\Intersect.Server\Networking\Lidgren\ServerNetwork.cs:line 81

im not a programmer at all so idk how to fix this :O

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