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Connection issues 6.1 ! HELP!!!



Hi my name is tom , 

I have been doing my game for 2 years. On Saturday I wanted to get it out for friends to play.
When I open the server it is automatically created in virtual server a Intersect Engine, and it is created with protocol UDP!
When I pass the client to my friends they can connect, but I can't! 

The virtual server that is created automatically won't let me edit it!
and when I create manual with protocol TCP/UDP 
it does not recognize it and the other one that was commenting is automatically created! 

please help! Greetings and thanks


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you must create 1 client for outside players, and 1 client with local IP for you to play, if you are opening the client on the same computer or network as the server.

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Let me understand, I will make a timeline and you tell me where it is wrong.
Is the server Hosted on your LOCAL or Emulated computer in any program?
Your friends are using the external IP, ok.
Did you try to use it for yourself (localhost) or your machine's ip using CMD, ipconfig / all? 192.168 .... or

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