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Using Dock Panel Suite for Orion Tabletop


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Okay, here is what I have so far:


After reaching out, both JC and George provided some options for and to using the DPS - thanks a lot guys!

So far I am satisfied with what I have working here.  It does everything I need it to do (minus a few tweaks).  As you can see, using the Dock Panel Suite would really clean up things, making a more updated UI.

Currently, on the event that handles the mouse down event for the map window, depending on which tab on the left is selected determines what stuff it will do (i.e. Tiles tab will draw the selected tile, Attributes tab will draw the attributes, Tokens tab will draw the tokens.)  I even have it where if it is on the Properties tab, and you click a warp location (cave or door), it will warp you to that map.

My question is how do I handle the logic for this type of functionality when using DPS?  I can't really loop through which tab is selected, if each tab is its own window.

While I strongly feel that adding this functionality into my program will really help out, it may just have to be something I have to pass on...so let me know what ideas you guys have on how this works ;)

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