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Check if party has [x] members


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How to:


To check if the party the player is in has X members, say you want to make it so you can only enter a boss battle with at least 3 party members, it is really simple.


1) You will firstly need to create an NPC and lock it in an NPC Avoid box to prevent it from moving. It should have 1 HP and no attack.

2) The NPC should have an "On PARTY kill" box. Put that event as a new event. In the new event, you should add one to a global variable called "Party count" (or whatever).

3) Ask the player to kill the NPC in order to play the Boss Battle, or whatever.

4) It will then set the global variable to however many are in your party!

5) Make sure to reset this to zero every time a player checks for their party number else this will only work once!

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