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Rafa Moreira

Looking for Work Looking for Designer and Mappers.

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Hello everyone, I am Rafa Moreira, new member of the forum, I am Brazilian (so my English is pessimo) jokes aside, today I come to bring a little about my project that I started, I am setting up a MMORPG, my first attempt at area was with Fan games in specific in Bleach, but I decided to go for something more professional and original.
I am currently using a different engine than the ones available here in the forum, but we follow the same 2D pattern of all. This engine is brand new where my team and I (I + 1) are programming it.
I want to show you some of the systems we've done in it, especially in the skill part that I confess you've never seen in some similar engine on this platform.
If any of you are interested in helping the project, in any sector we would be grateful, but our specific search at the moment is Designer and mapping.


Please do not call bleach graphics or anything, we are reshaping all these features for the original mmorpg, we use these graphics to demonstrate a bit of what we already have.



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are you still looking for mappers? I've been looking at making a game like this myself but found creating every aspect is too daunting for me, but I do have experience with mapping in these sorts of engines (given that i have the tilesets that is).

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