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[VB6] I sell my RTS Engine


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Hi all!


I was working the last few years on my engine and was interrupted/working again, interrupted/working again...

Due to my limited free time, I decided to sell my source Code. [VB6 Code]


As the title states it's an not completed 2d rts engine.

I wanted to have something like an original RTS eg warcraft 2. It should have same graphic level, but much more interactions. etc. to give it a more modern style.

I was always taking an eye on performance. So quality of the renderer/calculations can be better, but I was thinking a bit, when programming it.


For now it contains:


Graphics Management (Multi Resolution Support -Standard is 1920x1080, this is max for now, other graphic Settings like some faster "lower" graphic Setting, some sort of vsync, which is simply limiting renderer via Monitors refresh rate etc.)

Unit Management (Units can be added relatively easy and Settings of them modified. in InGame mode Units can move, can have hit, walk, die, gather animations, can be selected - Multi select etc.)

InGame and Editor Mode (Of Course like any rts-game it contains a Editor, in which you can create own maps , save/load them and then test it. and so on. and simply draw your map like in age of Empires and place Units like that ;-)  )

InGame Mode is where you can test/Play the map really.

Menus can be edited easily/adapted

Application works with some nice configuration files, where Settings are really stored like Resolution, fps, vsync, Music, Sound etc.


What's missing:


Units, custom graphics, Building, Units interacting with world - harvesting, build Buildings as worker. techs (because Buildings are missing now)

AI and some Multiplayer, campaign mode is missing.




Of Course I can do some of this missing Things, but it will Need some discussions about it.

I will not post screenshotes here, because I am using copyrighted graphics for Building my engine. They will not be included and sold by me of course.

You can imagne about a Warcraft II game, using 1920x1080 Resolution and using a more modern style in General (combined with warcraft 3 Interface, something like this)


 If you are interested, please write me an mail or you can Reply here if you have questions.


Best Regards,

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