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Nostalrius and WoW


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I will admit that I have dabbled with this server in the past, and was hoping that Blizzard releases Legacy servers. What do you guys think of the heated drama of Nostalrius V.S. Blizzard dilemma? I play both retail and sometimes play in the private server world. (Not as often as I used to, I mostly play on retail now it's actually not that bad :D) I see it from a point where Blizzard DOES own the right to the client and everything in it, but if a fan decided to release a server and share the nostalgic feelings without profiting at all, of course, it's still illegal, but is it justifiable? Of course, people would be playing here instead of retail, causing Blizzard to lose players and money, but I wanted to know your standpoints. Would you let your players do the same in your game? Even though that emulated servers that are YOUR game are running code that was written by fans who enjoyed your game with a year before you released an update or an expansion.


Let's try to keep this mature and bring no corruption in this thread. This is a simple debate to see viewpoints. We will all come to the generalization idea that emulated servers are illegal, period, BUT is it justifiable?

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