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  1. Thanks. I did figure out a way to put the bars, but it made everything go crazy so that idea was out and theyll have to stay as numbers for now. Thanks for the help <3
  2. how does one set a sprite to it, because I dont see the option?? I can only add animations?
  3. So does that mean I would have to make custom animations for each npc then, and I cant use an actual npc? I was trying to just use a basic npc to try and cut down on dev time and code an event where if you press the action button on the npc it starts the event, but it didnt work for some reason.
  4. 1.) Does intersect supports actor type npcs? Like ones you can make talk and move around? I cant see to figure it out if its possible to do it...and the rpg element is going to be heavy in my game so its something i need. 2.) Is there a way to either hide the MP bar, or add/change the status bars? I currently only use the health, hunger, and thirst stats and it would be great to show these variables on the status bar, since MP isnt being used. Thanks for any help you can offer <3
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