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  1. Hello everybody! I just want to know if we can separate the level and the class label in the GUI? Do something like the level is at the first line and the class at the second? Thank you!
  2. Hello everybody, I just post this message to know if it's possible to show money directly in the UI and no like an item? Thanks for your answers!
  3. It's good! Thank you!
  4. Oh ok haha! I thought in the game folder! Thank you, I will try
  5. I've the code, but I don't have any font folder...
  6. It depend on what, if it's really difficult to do no, but if it's some things to change, I think I know
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new in MMO making and I would ask if someone know how to change font in Orion+? Thank you for your answers :-)
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