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  1. Hello everybody! I just want to know if we can separate the level and the class label in the GUI? Do something like the level is at the first line and the class at the second? Thank you!
  2. Hello everybody, I just post this message to know if it's possible to show money directly in the UI and no like an item? Thanks for your answers!
  3. Zewkov


    Hello everyone, yeah it's me again. I try to make a quest since 3 hours but nothing seems to work... It make a quest with no name, and it not appeared in the quest log. Thanks for your help!
  4. Zewkov

    Client always offline

    Yes, It was... In fact I just reboot my computer and it works. Thank you for your answer
  5. Hello everyone, I've got a problem with the game, before all the engine worked well but I've download it again there are 3 days and impossible to start it Thanks for answer and sorry for my english
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