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  1. Which Edition of Time Fantasy Graphics to Buy?

    Thank you! Do you have any advice going forward, graphics-wise? Any other resources you recommend that mesh well with this? I'm doing this mostly as a passion project, for myself and some friends to play. I have a lot of lore developed for a world I've been thinking of creating, but I'm starting very simply - 3 classes, a town, two large field areas, two dungeons. Eventually I'm going to expand it into 6 classes, more field areas, another few towns, etc. My goal is to create something deliverable and playable.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm planning on buying Time Fantasy graphics, but I don't know which edition to buy. Should I buy the RPG Maker DLC or packs?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm having difficulty logging into the editor. I started the server, launched the client and logged into an account (Admin) and character (Admin) I just made, used "power Admin 5" and "poweracc Admin 5," and I can't get into the editor. What should I do to fix this?