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  1. Hello all, So I'm a newbie and would like some assistance with the source code and understanding the directory, etc. I would like to have a private conversation with someone who is familiar with editing the source code and will pay you to come to a private meeting on discord and discuss questions. For example, I'm not understanding how or what files I can edit in order to achieve something... my main goal is to get an understanding of how the directory is organized, so that maybe I can figure out what files I will need to edit in order to achieve later goals. I attempted to look at documentation for developers (but doesn't cover this, parts that do roughly start to cover items appear outdated) and I attempted to look up on the forum, but haven't had much success (maybe I just don't know how to search the forum lol). Any takers? (Who have a basic understanding of the source code of a freshly downloaded (v0.7.1.86) - Latest Main Build! (Recommended)) If I actually get any takers, what I learn I will then attempt to put together a little video as well if I think it is useful for others. Kind Regards, -WamaCron
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