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  1. Can you send a screenshot from the menu that allows you to make the NPC passable through and through?
  2. Resources have an option that allows you to step through them. Where is this option for the NPC? If not, how do you make them passable?
  3. It seems there is an action to show a picture, but I have not found a way to load a picture Let me remind you that the problem is that I want the player to be able to create a garden anywhere and farm on it. Or set up a workbench anywhere.
  4. Yes, I saw something like that, thanks for throwing it off to me. Let me point out what the problem is with these examples. These examples provide that the places where wheat will grow, for example, will always be fixed. You will not be able to create an item that, when activated, generates a garden under you, and it will grow by itself over time. And when destroyed, it disappears forever without loading the server. The only thing that came to mind is the NPC, because they can be summoned up, but you cannot sum up the event on this cell.
  5. So far I came to the conclusion that it is possible to imagine plants as NPC. When a trigger is triggered, for example, sowing seeds, the NPC will spawn without movement and almost without AI. The only problem is that the NPC has no option to make them ghosts. What I mean is that the player will NOT be able to walk through them, simulating walking on the ground. So far, the NPC is suitable for the role of mobile furniture. Making cattle out of them is even more difficult, because there are no trigger to control their minds forcing them to follow the character. Either I did not understand the engine well and you can tell me how and what to do, or the ready-made functionality did not provide for the players to terraform changing tiles under their feet, for example, plowing the ground. You can also suggest any workarounds for solving similar problems, because from this engine I need, first of all, a farm. The ability to plant plants, breed livestock, build machines, fences, houses. The description of the engine just said that it is very suitable for creating the same farms. But so far I have not been able to find convenient functionality and have to look for workarounds.
  6. I have studied the engine and some of its capabilities better, and it’s hard to imagine how even to always remove the NPC from the game after killing it, or to destroy the event after its activation. In fact, as I understand it, you can implement planting seeds through events. But I do not have the ability to delete events and change them without the participation of the player. For example, when it takes a long time to change one sprout event per plant.
  7. I tried to do handmade craft. The player would press the hotkey, and an event would be triggered with the opening of the crafting station window. Unfortunately, in the event management menu, you cannot check which key the player pressed, so I cannot call the window. How at the moment can you add new buttons to the global management menu, next to inventory, spellbook, and so on?
  8. I would like to see some examples that allow the player, for example, to plant a plant on a tile that will germinate. Or build a wall, a house, a craft machine with which you can interact. The question is short enough that any information that you can tell , examples, lessons will do.
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