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  1. Just found this awesome engine a few days ago. Hello everyone :)

  2. Hi, I thought about useful skills for the player and wanted to implement a "get more money when killing enemies"-skill. I don't just want to add 1, 2 or 3 bonus gold to the player's inventory, but make the skill use a more complex formula considering the level of the skill and some other parameters. Works fine so far, and I'm able to store the amount of money to be received in a variable. Unfortunately, I noticed there's no function such as "give player {variable} money". So far the only option available seems to make the player get a fixed amount of money, like in this picture: Instead of typing "3" or any fixed number, I'd love to see the option to choose a variable here. Maybe there's some way around this to still implement my idea, which I don't see at the moment? Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance, and happy game making!
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