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  1. Yep, sorry again ! Here are the server logs at the same hour :
  2. Yep sorry, didn't think about it ! Here are the client logs from the last time a friend tried to register ( hoping i'm not sharing the wrong file.. ) :
  3. Hi everyone ! I've searched a solution to my problem on this forum already but didn't find one, i might have missed something so please excuse me if i'm asking an already solved question.. When someone tries to connect to the server i'm hosting, they get the "Server Statut : Online" message on the bottom left corner ( everything's alright so far ), but when they try to register, while entering their email adresses ect, they get this message : "Lost connection to the server, please check your internet". Moreover, i tried to replace "localhost" by my ip adress in the config file, and the client just crashes everytime i press the log in button. If someone has a solution/explanation, i would be grateful. ( I've checked my router firewall, my upnp configuration, my port 5400 is open in udp, i'm runnin out of ideas ) Have a great day, thanks !
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