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  1. Hi, i found this in the config.json, i thougth it was the layer system for paperdolls, i dunno if im doing something wrong, or this is just a list of the aviable paperdolls items. I want to make a layer system, so when player goes up, the clothing goes on top the weapon, and when walking down, the weapon is on top the clothing (default). "Equipment": { "Paperdoll": { "Down": [ "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots" ], "Left": [ "Weapon", "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Shield", "Boots" ], "Right": [ "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots" ], "Up": [ "Weapon", "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Shield", "Boots" ] }, "ShieldSlot": 3, "Slots": [ "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots", "Rings", "Gloves", "Pendant", "Amulet" ], in this list ive already modify the order to do it, but it didnt work
  2. Any idea in which file/s from the core i should look in to? i've download it, but cant find any related to how entites behave when casting, or how spell casting is handled.
  3. So, its imposible, or i just need a LOT of programming skills?
  4. Hi, i want to have a spell, i can click in te spell panel, and then aim to the position where de spell should be casted, if player clicks a target, spell i caste, if player misses target, spell is not casted. Maybe its a simple question, but, i'm trying to do this like for 3 hours, and cant even get a clue.
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