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  1. gregnator

    Faction based enemies

    Hello! I just wanted to ask a question, as I'm currently for a while not able to access my PC, but I'd like to know if my thought process on this is correct. Let's say we have 3 factions. Red, blue and green. Once a player starts he or she is neutral and the NPCs of said colors are set to friendly. If I'd give the player the option to join a faction (Changing player variable), would this allow me to have NPCs of the other factions automatically register the player as an enemy? Again through variables. So npc friendly condition is set if player "faction" variable = 1 (neutral) And then also add the same where 1 = x the number of said faction. Am I correct in this? But is there a way to have npc auto attack other NPCs of a different faction, or is the only way right now, to enable npc to attack other NPCs if hit (accidentally) by set npc? Thanks