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  1. Battle Tanks II is an action game, Strategy, Portuguese and English languages, play direct in the browser, cell phone, computer Objective Each level has different objectives to destroy quantities of Tanks and destroy the Master Tank other objectives may arise as the game develops, Do not let the enemy destroy your Base if it destroys you lose the game Controls Moving the camera use the <> Movements Select the desired tank and then click somewhere on the map reminding you you can select multiple tanks Attack if the button is activated your tanks attacked the enemy tanks automatically, remembering if you are selected some tank with this button activated it did not attack Store press the button and a Shop menu will appear and you can buy different tanks types and values Objective press the button and a menu will show the Objective of the mission when completing the Objectives will appear 3 Options Return to the Menu, Play again in the same level and go to the next level Play https://gamejolt.com/games/BattleTanksll/359531
  2. Talk to people today I came to share another game with you, I hope you like it. Objective destroy the infected zombies before they invade your kingdom, win the game before time runs out, when the time is up you will receive reinforcements and win the game You get rewarded by destroying every zombie. Keyboard Controls to move the camera hold the A, D keys Attack Once you have selected a Warrior, press Z to attack. Cell Phone Controls to move the camera hold the buttons < > Attack Once you have selected a Warrior, press the button containing a sword Remembering do not need to download to play direct play in the browser, mobile phone, PC Play https://gamejolt.com/games/ZumbisApocalipse/356385
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