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  1. Projectiles Won't Link to Skill or Weapon

    I fixed this awhile ago, I can't remember how. It wasn't overly difficult once you get to know your way around the source.
  2. How to release a pet?

    i was sure i tried that, i'll try again. thank you. Also, the thing to choose best answer isn't available to me for some reason. I have been told twice where it is, but it's not there...
  3. How to release a pet?

    Unbind so you can select a new one,
  4. How to release a pet?

    How do I release a pet once it's been called with an item?
  5. How do I Change the MAX...

    I did not see anything there.
  6. How do I Change the MAX...

    Thanks! how do I pick the best answer now?
  7. Whenever I try to link a Projectile to a Skill or Weapon, it won't save. It doesn't save even when that specific entry is selected. It resets as soon as I choose whatever entry I'm on again. (or a different one) Is this a normal thing at the moment? If not, any idea what might cause this?
  8. How do I properly change Max Player level, Max NPC Level, MAX Skill Level, etc? How do I change the limits on the editors properly, for example for can I have more than 255 Item in my item editor. I have searched and I must not be very good at reading this source code. If anyone can help with this basic stuff would be great.