Replace Fonts/Adding Font Characters in Intersect! Date: August 14th 2016 Guide written for Intersect Alpha 1.8+     Summary: This guide will show you how to re-generate the fonts (.xnb) files distributed with the Intersect engine. This will allow you to change the font, some styling options and add/remove characters from in-game fonts. This guide only covers the client not the editor or server.    Requirements: Before getting started you should visit and download/install the MonoGame 3.5 (as of Alpha 1.8) package. This should install tools on your computer that are required to generate the new font files.   I /recommend/ that you download and install Notepad++. You will need a good text editor for this guide. I use Notepad++ on a daily basis and it is really good software. Other software like vim and even standard notepad should work but I make no guarantees.   Table Of Contents: 1. Download/Open the Content Pipeline 1.1 Download the Content Pipeline 1.2 Open the Content Pipeline 1.3 Content Pipeline Layout 2. Edit the Font Files 2.1 Opening Font Files 2.1.1 Explanation of Options 2.2 Adding Character Ranges 2.2.1 Character Map Tool 3. Building the Content 3.1 How to Compile Everything 3.2 Installing the New Fonts       MonoGame