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Nice one man, I'm terrible at monster sprites in most styles. I made a bee and I somehow gave it a butterfly/moth wing animation instead of an animation of bee wings. 66673b3f69.gif


Y'know I wouldn't mind if you wanted to help out and create a few custom NPCs for any of my projects. ;D

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Afternoon fokes,


I have open up SEASON 1 again (the old style) due to popular demand and it seems to be the more favorable of the Small Fantasy Resource Pack. Also I seen afew games hovering around of my pixel art, and im glad to see them put into good use. Take care guys and gals and keep hammering your games into shape.


I will be around here and there, due to my 3d game project I havn't had as much time as I would like. But if I get some free time ill be working on this pack.



Added some new sprites

Poke*cough cough cough*man trainer, maid outfit, and a anime version of the base (different eyestyle)




Sleep time now.



(Sorry for the double post)

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Small fantasy and some of its assets has been intergrated into the Intersect Resource Pack, This art and some new art will be avalible for everyone to use in the near future.


The resource pack as moved to a https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ licence to match the engines licence.


More art will follow, but not until the resouce pack has been released, See you in the future. ♥


Thread is re-opened, feel free to drop some more requests if you have them.







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Just now, Toxic Kasplant said:

Yaay! Soo happy!


Love your art and it broke my heart seeing your message when the thread got first closed!


Welcome back, and looking forward to see more!


I made afew sprites sheets exclusive to the Intersect Resource Pack. So thats something to look forward to.


Appreciate the support. More to come.

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