Arcwyre Alpha 1.0 Preview

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Arcwyre is an open world 2D ORPG being developed on the Intersect Engine. It has been in development for many years now, and after many changes in engine it's finally found it's place as the self proclaimed flagship title of Intersect. Arcwyre aims to break the mold from the cookie cutter world of 2D RPGs by immersing players in a deep, lore rich, world where your every decision can change the outcome of the game. As of the time this is being written we are preparing for the milestone release of Arcwyre Open Alpha 1.0 where we will showcase the future of Arcwyre on a public scale. Stay tuned! We thank every one of you for your support and interest and I can't wait to see you all in Arcacia!






As of Alpha 1.0 Arcwyre will boast the following features:

  -Morality system where you choices affect the outcome of quests and interactions with the world

  -Classless progression system where you can build you character however you'd like

  -Fully paperdolled equipment

  -Character customization

  -Craft powerful gear from recipes using materials you harvest yourself from the world around you

  -Create up to 3 characters on your account

  -Treasure Hunter system which rewards exploration

  -Individual party drops from bosses

  -Play through the engaging campaign to learn Arcacia's dark secrets!

  -Much more!



The Birth of Arcacia


  Little is known of the Age of the Gods, a time before man. Before Arcacia. It is often said that the twin goddesses, Arrea and Ezre, had given birth to many worlds before ours, only to watch them suffer the same fate. Over, and over, and over again they cried at the loss of their children, taken by the foul greed that infects all men. No man of skin and blood could ever truly comprehend the grief of watching your own children taint your name in the same breath they use to destroy themselves, this I've come to understand. After untold eternities our goddesses had finally come to create an anomaly. A world devoid of strife, war, and greed. A world where all of their children lived together in unison. Truly a world I wish to someday see. However this was no accident, nor stroke of chance. Ezre, deeply scarred from ages of grief, sought a way to end this pain both her and her sister had come to know all too well. 

  Three stones. Three stones, of a beauty that the human tongue could not express, were born of Ezre's very soul. Ezre approached her sister with the stones, eager to share the cure to their sorrow, she pleaded Arrea to bestow the stones with a fragment of her soul as well. And so she did. Three stones. Three stones pierced through the empty sky followed by a glistening trail of magic, bathing this new world in the essence of it's creators. Ezre and Arrea named these stones, these Wyres, as if child and not stone. The Rulwyre to symbolize the freedom Ezre wished for her children to inherit. The Ormwyre to represent Arrea's wish for order. And finally, the Arcwyre, which held the love of both goddesses for the world they created for their children. And so Arcacia began.



Justice and Freedom


To be added after the release of Alpha 1.0


Chapter 1: A Tale of War and Conquest 


To be added after the release of Alpha 1.0















Stay tuned everyone! Alpha 1.0 will be releasing mere days after Intersect's Beta 4. Be prepared for an entirely new experience!



If Arcwyre interests you, please consider donating! We have an immensely tiny budget and all donations go directly towards server costs/web hosting ect. Thank you all so much for you support!



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