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WIP Read First! - Project Expectations

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Ascension Game Dev

Projects Board

You want to share your game and we want to see it!


The projects board will soon be one of the most active boards here at AGD and because of that we are going to expect higher quality threads here compared to other sections of the site.  Before posting please refer to the current guidelines on how to make an informative post to show off your game or work in progress!


When Posting your Game:

  • Do:
    • Add a tag to your title telling us the state of your game!
      • PL - You are still planning/mapping out your game and organizing your thoughts
      • WIP - You have a good plan for your game and it is currently in development
      • ALPHA - Game is still being worked on and is vastly incomplete but we can test it
      • BETA - Game is mostly complete, bugs are being fixed and is playable
      • RELEASE - The game is released and completely playable!
    • Post the name of your game. (Even if it's a placeholder!)
    • Post the engine your game is built with. (We're game devs, we like to know this stuff)
    • Post about current progress (required!)
      • Story Required
      • Current Staff
      • Sample Content (Screenshots, music, videos -- content is the biggest selling point!)
      • Plans moving forward
      • Why we should play
      • more!
    • Tell us what you are going to do!
      • Tell us what you have done so far and what you will do moving forward
  • Don't:
    • Recruit here, use the recruitment board for that!


Want a sub board for your project?

  • It has to be a game!
    • Sorry, this is a game dev forum, we don't want a massive forum index, if you want a sub board you need to be making a game.
  • It has to be at an Alpha stage or beyond. This means that we need to have tried your game.
    • Base on the alpha we can determine if the game shows promise and is likely to make it to release.
  • It has to be serious and far along in development:
    • An alpha 1 week after conception won't cut it. We want to make sure you are dedicated to your project. At least wait 6 weeks.
  • If you think you qualify shoot a PM to an admin @jcsnider or @Kibbelz so we can evaluate your thread, progress, and game.


You are free to post links to your social media pages, website(s) and communities. That said downloads must be accessible here by a direct link (no adfly, no signups)!


Not following the guidelines above will result in your threads being moved to the low-effort forum.

If you're topic is moved to the low effort forum it needs to be revised and polished before it will be suitable for the recruitment board. This allows the recruitment forum to remain full of valuable posts and not overran with those that happen to be low effort.  If you're post is moved to the low effort board you have 5 days to revise and fix it. You can then hit the report button and ask us to re-evaluate it and move it to the main recruitment board.  If not fixed within 5 days it will be deleted.  This way only serious projects make it through.


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