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Auto-Cut Sized Sprites



Hey everyone!

I'm using this awesome app (CharGen - LPC Character Generator ) and i was talking to the dev for Intersect graphics custom sized files.


Let me explain. 

I generate this file with LPC



And I wanna auto cut this to get regular sized files for Intersect. The dev told me it shall be possible with XNView but i can't figure how? 

I want to automate this process so i can have my regular sprites without enjoying resizing manually hundreds of files.


Does anyone have an idea or is familiar with XNView?

Thanks for your help !



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Short answer: I am pretty sure we do not have a tool to cut this specific sprite sheet for Intersect.


Most of the sprite frames in this sheet are also not compatible with the sprite system that Intersect has (specifically Intersect has way less entity states and less frames than I am seeing here).

Question though, what does LPC stand for exactly?

And to answer yours, I am not familiar with XNView but from a cursory glance I could say you could probably use it (or ImageMagick, GIMP, Photoshop, probably Aseprite, etc.) to cut the sprites. No idea about XNView, but ImageMagick is the only one I named that can effectively be used with scripts to manipulate images, the others that I listed would all require manual clicks to my knowledge.

I think the best course of action is to:
1. Verify that all of the "LPC" sprite sheets in the same format (i.e. are all the sprites in the same frame order, pose order, etc.)
2. Identify where in the sheet all of the frames that Intersect uses are
3. Write an ImageMagick script that can cut all of the sprites and merge them into Intersect-compatible sprite sheets (which can be eternally preserved in the Intersect-Assets repo if you want to contribute it)

You may even find someone here who is willing to help but you'll have to do 1 and 2 yourself most likely, though that isn't a technical task, just tedious (2 being highlighting all of the relevant frames and annotating where in an Intersect sprite sheet they belong)

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Thanks for your advice ! Well i'm pretty sure i've seen frames setup in the server settings so we can setup the number of frame of a sprite and THERE IS entity state (except for death i think). You just have to rename your sprites like  Chara_Walk, Chara_Idle, Chara_Spell, etc ( not sure of the syntaxe i'll send the thread here later if requested).


Well i'll look for the script option though and try to get knowledge from ImageMagick which i never used.


Thx again (Sorry for my english)

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If you want these to work in Intersect I would research key frames to start. Once you understand key frames you can better cut back the number of frames per animation, limiting to what Intersect uses. Then you have a more manageable workload for converting them. Best of luck!

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Get Game Character Hub on Steam. It allows you to do mappings of spritesheets. SO you load in your demo sheet and then tell it the size of the sheet you want to make. Once that's setup you tell it which squares from the source to put into which squares of the destination. Then it will output the png.


All of these mappings can be saved once you have them how you want them, then there is a batch convert you can do to convert a whole folder.


It also allows you to do editing and a million other things. It's not the most intuitive software but it does the job very well.



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