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WIP [Intersect Engine] Grande Azure Online - A New Era


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DISCORD : https://discord.gg/FqyhnuJarT

PRE-ALPHA PHASE I  -  May 1st 2023


Grande Azure Online is a free-to-play online RPG set in the world of Azuria.
Explore the vast seamless overworld by yourself or with friends, forge friendships with the large cast of characters
and become the strongest defender of Azuria.




Story summary

*Subject to change*


A thousand moons ago, the continent of Cyan was the peaceful home to adventurers, merchants and humble workers.
It stood tall as the most solid place to set camp to, both economically and politically wise.

Among all the villages and cities, the Cyan's metropolis, Eingard was the pillar of said balance.
A castle built on sacred grounds protected by the Chosen Gods, constructed to last forever.


Though, in the wake of the Full Moon festival, the most celebrated holiday of Azuria, a devilish plot by a arch-mage named Gena
caused a war that lasted a hundred years.
Most of what was known of Azuria had to be reconstructed over the past centuries and a wind of peace finally came.


Up to present day, there's been no disasters, but all is not won as the common enemy is still around.






6 unique classes

2 specializations per class

Fully showable equipment

Main storyline with cutscenes

Reputation farming for horizontal progression

Meaningful crafting with streamlined progression

Tons of side quests
Solo and grouped dungeons

Challenging endgame content for 1 to 8 players

Random world events for all levels

Seasonal events for exclusive rewards





Original soundtrack made by yours truly.




World map so far



Some game screenies











Game is still under heavy development. Progress is made every day and I’m nearing a phased pre-alpha testing. 


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On 2/21/2023 at 9:47 AM, XFallSeane said:

It's really clean! I just love it !

Thanks a lot! Appreciate ya

On 2/21/2023 at 1:09 PM, Aesthetic said:




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