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Need Help Nightmare is recruiting talented Game Developers!


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Nightmare is the all new retro MMORPG that hit Steam by storm last weekend, hitting peaks of 250 players online!


Steam Page

We were even featured on KiraTV: 



How do I apply?
Fill out the following application below and send it any member of staff on our Discord.



1) What position are you applying for?

2) What are your Nightmare characters names?

3) How old are you? (We have to ask this for legal reasons)

4) Why do you think you would be good for this job and what would you bring to the team?

5) Examples of your work (Be that maps made in either Intersect or RPG Maker, pixel art or other games/discord servers/websites you have previously moderated for)

6) Do you accept that all work produced whilst working for Nightmare will be owned by Magework Studios? (Yes/No).

Can I use Nightmares Graphics to practice?
Yes! We also recommend using our graphics to learn with since that's what you will be working with, however they are licensed and legally owned by Magework Studios, resulting in anything made with our graphics being legally owned by us, so please don't waste both of our times using them for your own games!

Good luck!

- The Nightmare Development Team

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