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WIP remaerDay

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Hi everyone! Hope you are doing awesome!

The time has come! I'm presenting remaerDay, my current intersect project.




remaerDay is my most ambitious project. I, with a 4 members team, am doing my best in order to make the best possible game. 100% of the game content will be custom, including very high quality graphic designs and very high quality soundtrack.


But... first of all...


what is remaerDay?


Let my introduce to you all a presentation video explaining it :). Please, have in mind that english is not my main language, so I apologize about any mistake I made there. Also, you can turn on english, spanish and portuguese(thanks to @Weylon Santana) subtitles if needed :) The background song is one of the actual game original songs!




But, just in case you prefer to just read it, I'm also writing some of the project's info inside this spoiler:


Imagine if there is something between the world of the living and the hereafter, a place where people who didn't fulfil their dreams get stuck after death. How do you imagine it? I imagine it as a void, calm and quiet place where you can make peace with yourself and give that last step forward. But what happens if you just can't do that? what if you deny? what if you are still tied to the dreams you had in life?


A Daydreamer is the soul of someone who denies his or her own death. Such act, over time, will corrupt that soul and, in result, create a corrupt bubble of existence in Limbo, a phenomenon known as Babia. The Babia of a Daydreamer can take any form, but most part of the time it takes the form of an ideal world where that Daydreamer lives happily after fulfilling all his or her dreams. While this may sound as something good, this is a great danger for all the souls of the most recent dead, which feel attracted to those places and, seduced by those worlds, deny their own deaths as well, turning into new Daydreamers with time.


But, what's wrong with turning into a Daydreamer? Why couldn't we just create all those amazing Babias and have a second and satisfying life? Because not everything is what it seems to be. While all the Daydreamers look happy fulfilling their dreams in their perfect worlds, they actually know, deep inside of them, that everything is a big lie. Even when they deny the truth and 'live' as if they were alive, they will never be happy, they will always feel pain in their hearts, and they will 'live' in misfortune disguised as bliss forever. Babia is not heaven, Babia is not the promised land, Babia is the materialization of misfortune and pain. And, if you let yourself be seduced by it, you will create your own and get trapped by it forever.


This is the main concept of the game, a game with tons of beautiful and funny places which hide despair and sadness. There won't be an evident goal, everyone have to find the truth by themselves. Some players will never know about this and will believe this is just some beautiful and funny but generic MMORPG, and that's actually the point, because only the ones who decide to dive will discover the truth and, as a result, find the actual goal.


The souls of the dead manifest as strange creatures called remaerDays in the Babias. And you, as the player, will be able to take the form of any of them to explore this special world. Are you ready? Let's go!



The team


This is the current team(20/3/2021):

- Graphic design: @Hatsuya(tilesets), @Daniele Santana(sprites and animations) and @Weylon Santana(gui)
- Game development: @Khaikaa(game design, mapping, eventing and software development) and @Weylon Santana(eventing)

- Music production: Eduardo Morillo Calle(game's soundtrack and sound effects)



Game media








Current development status


We are still in a very early stage of development, working on the first game scenarios and features. The provided screenshots doesn't represent the final product, we will improve the quality of all the shared content a lot with time. I plan to open the very first closed alpha server within 6 months from the moment this thread was created.



Social Media


You can follow us on twitter! https://twitter.com/remaerDayOnline

We are currently working on our discord server! Coming soon!!



Patronize us!


Even when we are working so hard in order to make a professional quality product, it will be awesome to have a bigger team. Sadly, I can't afford that at the moment. That's the reason why I decided to create a patreon page and start the production of remaerDay merch!


You can find my patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/khaikaa


This is a game making community, most of you know how hard is making a high quality project. I have a full-time job which lets me pay the bills and pay the awesome work made by the team, but I can't afford going up to the next step. If you like the idea of the project and trust me and my team, please considere helping us a little bit, any help will be well received and rewarded :) 



Why should you play?


Even when the game may look as a generic pokemonish mmorpg, you will discover that the truth is way different than that. You will discover very deep, adult and emotional stories, full customizable unique playable characters, never seen before game mechanics and high quality game assets, as well as a lot of very awesome secrets I'll be unveiling over time. The game will be totally free and we plan to publish it on Steam when we are sure it's ready.



This is it for now :) I'll keep this thread updated! Stay tuned!

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A little update everyone!


We just got our first promotional design done! Some cool merch is gonna be made with it in the next weeks :) 



 The protagonist of this picture is Saksune, one of the playable remaerDays. Saksune was a beautiful artic fox who lived in japan during the edo period. This poor and cute thing was the victim of a myth. People believed that, if you touch a fox's tail, you'd be unlucky in your life. One day, a member of the nobility tried to prove that story was false and touched its tail. Some days later he fell ill and died. The fox had nothing to do with this, but everyone blamed it. In revenge, its tail was cut off and his neck was slit.



We've been working so hard in new content, such as new tracks for remaerDay's OST, new scenarios and new animations. I'm happy to share with you this little showcase of some Saksune's animations while one of our awesome tracks sounds :)





If you like what we do, please considere giving a helping hand patronizing us, you can find the project's patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/khaikaa


As one of our many rewards you will unlock Saksune's Patreon version, which has a unike skin and totally new skills. It will be only available for our patreons, and this promotion will end on June. After that momment, it will be totally unavailable in the game:



I hope you all like Saksune :) See you in next updates, stay tunned!

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Great news everyone!


We know it is hard to get the confidence to help funding an internet project, specially when talking about indie games. "What if the game is never released?", "Will I lose all my money with no return?"... most people ask for money in order to fund their projects but they never give any guarantee nor reward!


That's not our way to go. We are so gratefull to any help you can provide to fund remaerDay that we started a merch campaign! Our first gift to our most loyal patreons is a free remaerDay mug



That's right! If you like our project enough to give us a helping hand you will get free merch! this is our first promotion, but there will be many more with time! This first promotion is just for our most loyal supporters, but there will be more promotions for anyone! We don't care about the size of your pockets, any help will be thanked and rewarded! So please, considere giving a hand supporting us and get free merch and many more benefits, such as Saksune's patreon limited edition! You can read more about this here: https://www.patreon.com/khaikaa


And, of course, we are not just working on the merch, we have been doing masive progress in the past days! I don't know what do you think, but I love going to the beach!



Stay tunned!

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When they said doge would go to the moon and beyond... Nobody thought it would be this far!


Doge-sama came to remaerDay! We don't know how did he make it, but he is here!



Doge-sama is a very special remaerDay. He is not available for common players... he is only available for diamond paws! You know, 1 doge = 1 doge, so you can unlock him forever by just 1 dogecoin! What are you waiting for? Claim your Doge-sama in our web! https://remaerday.com/promos/doge

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Huh? What's that? Can you hear it? It sounds like... drums???


Oh! Look at it! Taikunuki just joined the party! A new remaerDay ready to the show!




This little raccoon's tail is an actual taiko! So cool! He is ready for partying and fighting at any time! Boost the morale of your allies to take over the battlefield!

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