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Need Help [PAID] Add some features

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We are looking for someone willing to make different modifications to our project. All this work will be contributed.


This is the list of modifications we want:


- Player Store (a store that the player personally creates in a certain sector of a map by placing objects for sale until he himself concludes his store).

- Minimap.

- Auction House.

- Screen shake for critical hits or AOE Spells.


I would like to hear prices for each system, anything you can contact me via discord ( babysitter#2065 )

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I'm going to get the money together soon (im poor, im from Argentina :P.) I am interested in having the possibility to choose which spells will have the effect of Screen Shake, with respect to the player store; something simple, the player creates his static store, above the character will have an icon that shows that he opened a store. When interacting with it (click) the store opens.




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