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Looking for Work graphic artist


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I'm new in the forum, 

and I would like to contribute to the graphic development of your projects.


I currently work as a publicist for a company, but in my free time I dedicate myself to creating content for my own games. I have previously tried other engines such as alter engine, eclipse, rpg maker among others, but I really liked the intersect with which I have been doing a project Which I will call xikimba online, but I would like to work with one of your projects, it would be an honor to contribute to the development of a great game.


I leave you a sample of some of my work, I know that I still have a lot to improve but I adapt to any style and perspective.:22_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:









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Could we see something done in the intersect default sprite style? That'd be really beneficial to people wanting to include you in their game! If you need examples or the download link from the forum just let me know, but it's all on this site. Some ideas could be a customized player (like a humanoid creature), a monster, some armour, weapons or even tiles! Cheers!

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7 minutes ago, WereAlpaca said:

¿Podríamos ver algo hecho en el estilo de sprite predeterminado de intersección? ¡Eso sería realmente beneficioso para las personas que quieran incluirte en su juego! Si necesita ejemplos o el enlace de descarga del foro, hágamelo saber, pero todo está en este sitio. Algunas ideas podrían ser un jugador personalizado (como una criatura humanoide), un monstruo, alguna armadura, armas o incluso fichas. ¡Salud!


Hi. I don't know if someone in the forum uses the sprites that come by default in the intersect, most of them, I think they use their own graphics or those of the rpg maker. but if so I can adapt to that graphic style.

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