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Chain Spells



This patch allows you to "chain" spells onto other spells to generate unique combos and spells that have multiple functions.


You want a spell to both create an AOE and to fire a projectile forwards.

With this system, you are able to set a spell to chain another spell after it has been used. You are able to customise how much time in milliseconds to wait inbetween the chain.



Chain spells onto other spells

Have a customisable wait time inbetween chain reactions

NPC's can chain spells allowing for unique attacks


How to use:



Within server.config you'll find three lines:


"Chain From Spells List": [],
"Chain To Spells List": [],
"Chain To Spells Wait Duration List": [],


The first list is the list of spell names which cause chain reactions. The second list is the list of spell names which can be chained from. The third list is the amount of time to wait in milliseconds before using the chained spell. These lists are linked, so the first value in list 1 matches with the first value in lists 2 and 3.


An example of a chain spell "Fire Breath" that initiates "Dragon Claw" after 1 second and "Water Bubble" that initiates "Ice Bubble" instantly after:


string[] chainfromspellnames = new string[] { "Fire Breath", "Water Bubble" };
string[] chaintospellnames = new string[] { "Dragon Claw", "Ice Bubble" };
int[] chaintospellwaittimes = new int[] { 1000, 0 };


"Chain From Spells List": ["Fire Breath", "Water Bubble"],
"Chain To Spells List": ["Dragon Claw", "Ice Bubble"],
"Chain To Spells Wait Duration List": [1000, 0],


Download Patch

Download Update - important update

Download Fix - important bug fix


Based on

Note: This is my first patch so it's quite basic. Please tell me if anything is broken.

Edited by The Bunny Gamer

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1 hour ago, Joyce said:

Interesting, have you considered moving the options out into the options file?


Interesting, I'll try it


Also, it doesn't work if you don't already have the spell so I will work on an update for that

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-You can now find the lists in the server resources/config.json rather than in the patch itself. (thanks @Joyce for suggestion)

-You don't need to know the chained spell for it to function - it now quick casts like an item

-NPC's can chain spells



You will need to download the patches in order


Download the update here!

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