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Looking for Work JC For Hire

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Hey Guys,


Gonna try to keep this short and sweet.  I have taken a bit of time to refocus on various jobs, my health, and other hobbies in the past several weeks after source release. One of my major goals moving forward is purchasing my first home, and to that end I have been trying to earn, save, and invest as much money as I can in order to make that happen. Outside of Intersect I do a lot of web design/hosting, free lance programming, computer/laptop repair, and more. For the first time in awhile I don't have a backlog of miscellaneous work to be done, so I am officially opening up myself for hire here at AGD. 


There are various jobs that I am happy to take on:



  • New Features
  • Enhancements*
  • Bug Fixes*
  • UI Customizations
  • Mod Installations/Compatibility Tweaks
  • Hosting
  • More!



Outside Intersect

  • Port Forwarding Setup (via something like Teamviewer)
  • Website Stuff (I'm great with most forum softwares, wordpress, etc)
  • Integrating APIs with websites and whatnot.
  • Just about anything, really, even homework, I have no shame :P 





  • These services aren't really meant for casual hobby projects.
  • Quotes are free. Jobs will be priced at roughly $50 USD per hour.
  • Half of the quoted price will be required up front via PayPal.
    • Final product will be available for testing before asking for final payment in full.
  • Resolving incompatibilities with other mods,  and base engine upgrades long-term is NOT included.
    • Pricing is for my time, and not for individual modifications.
    • Luckily fixing most incompatibilities is quick and easy, any additional fees will be paid for up front.


I can get jobs done quickly, and correctly, especially in Intersect, but rates will exceed what makes sense for most hobbyists.


* If requesting a bug fix or enhancement that will ultimately make to the base engine they will be heavily discounted -- I'd let you know beforehand, however, in case you'd rather wait for us to tackle it in our own time. 


If you're interested in a quote please feel free to shoot me a PM.



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We will talk soon, as the dollar is very expensive in my region, I still can't get 1 month to pay you 1 hour of work, but good to know, I want to grow and it would be nice to have someone who knows the engine, working for me in the modifications that I need.


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